Story courtesy of Jennifer Watkins

Well I can't really say that I have just one. My mom and I eat at Ray's in the City for every night of every market in Atlanta. The staff is beyond family. But this last time we visited in January, my husband wanted to make things special for me. He normally has flowers waiting at the hotel room. But this time he wanted to mimic the movie P.S. I love you…and he called ahead to some places he knew I would be. While at market during the day, I visited a showroom where I was delivered a card and a box from my husband telling me he loved and missed me.

That night I when I got to Ray's, Nina was there as usual greeting me with her huge smile!!! When we were seated, Clay came over with champagne and said that Barry said he missed me and wanted me home safely.

As a special gesture, we were served dessert on the house. Dear sweet John came over and spoke to us about our day and just made the night!!! I feel so special at Ray's…like family…..Emily as bartender, I miss Daryl as a waiter, but love Lonnie and Bobby…and Nina and John…well they are impeccable!!!!

Every night with Ray's is my favorite story!!!!!