Special place in my heart

Story and photos courtesy of Bebe Burnett

My Father and Mother loved Ray's on the River. It was a celebration to go there, whether we were celebrating birthdays, their anniversary or just the day. I always loved hearing my Father say, "How about meeting us at Ray's on the River on Thursday?"

It was such a happy place, and I will never forget the wonderful way we were treated. There was a manager, Mike, who was always so glad to see my parents and treated them royally. These pictures were taken probably 25 years ago and they are treasures. I think we were celebrating my Father's birthday that day.

I remember that my Mother loved the crab and my Father loved the shrimp. We always loved looking out at the river and thinking how great it was for us to be at Ray's. It was like being on vacation. Everything on the menu was delicious. The employees were perfect and did all they could to make you comfortable. My parents passed away and I miss them each day. I am so glad that you gave me this opportunity; there will always be a special place in my heart for the fun and happy times at Rays on the River.