Rays brought us together

Story courtesy of Debra Galinsky

After losing his job of 26 years my husband took a job in Atlanta, so in April 2012, we moved here from NY. After all, we had 3 children, 2 of which were still in college. My 3 children (young adults) stayed in NY. We did not have any friends or family here and we missed our children terribly. I felt like a part of me was missing; incomplete.

We were able to fly them here to spend Christmas together. We have never missed a Christmas together in over 25 years! I wanted our Christmas dinner to be special so we took the whole family to Ray's for dinner. It was so wonderful and a new family memory at Ray's was made. While the food and service was fabulous as usual the most memorable thing was being there as a family.

Ray's brought us together after so many months apart from each other. At that moment it dawned on me…Ray's felt like being home! My Christmas and my family was once again complete and Ray's had a big part in making that happen for us. Thanks for the memory!