My Last Birthday With My Daddy

Story courtesy of Julie Ubriaco

Last Feb 26th started out as the worst birthday for me. My husband and middle son were out of town working, my oldest son was living in North GA, my youngest son was away at school, and my Daddy was dying of renal failure.

I was stressed, lonely, and in tears all day.

A dear friend offered to bring me to Ray's in the City for dinner. I went reluctantly.

We asked for a table for 2, and I was immediately taken to the back of the restaurant where to my surprise my whole family was sitting.

I cried tears of joy! It became the best birthday ever. I will never forget the gleam of joy in my Daddy's eyes for being able to surprise me.

As I celebrate another birthday tomorrow with my dear Daddy now in Heaven with my Moma, there will be tears but also a FABULOUS memory. Thank you Ray's!